Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I see work produced at Tattoo Excellence ?

A: Yes, there are several photo albums in the galleries.  To view most recent portfolio please click: Tattoo Excellence on Instagram.


Q: Who did all the tattoos on this website ?

A: In the primary tattoo albums - unless it states otherwise in the caption - the artist's name is Elle Sparks.


Q: Do you do cover ups ?

A: Yes, there is a gallery of Cover Ups produced in the shop.


Q: How much are the tattoos ?

A: Any available pricing information is written out in the "pricing" section of this site.


Q: How long will my tattoo take ?

A: There is no way to tell off hand.


Q: Why can't you give me a price if I tell you what I want ?

A:  Tattoo Excellence charges by the amount of work put into the tattoo, the time it takes to create it and the supplies consumed to tattoo the piece. None of these factors are available until the final piece is drawn and fit to the client.  Service & sales tax applicable.


Q: Where are you located ?

A: 227 South Main Street in Milltown, New Jersey. [US]


Q: What is the address to your shop ?

A: 227 South Main Street,

Milltown, NJ 08850 [US]


Q: Can I stop by to check out the shop ?

A: Although walk ins are always welcomed, hours & availability are subject to change.


Q: Can I make an appointment for a consultation & price ?

A: No, Tattoo Excellence does not offer appointments for consultations and estimates.  You may walk-in and speak with an artist at your convenience.



Prices ARE subject to change ***


Q: Can I tell you what I want and you draw my tattoo?

A: On the day of your appointment or after you've left a deposit to have it drawn.

Q: Can I make an appointment without leaving a deposit ?

A: No, deposits are left so as to guarantee the artist will be paid for their time.

Q: How much is a deposit ?

A: Between $60 - $100, at artist's discretion, based on estimated design time and detail.


Q: How can I leave a deposit ?

A: Deposits are payable in person with cash or CC, via PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp.  All forms of payment other than cash require an additional 5% fee.

Q: Will I get my deposit back ?

A:  If guest arrives on time to appointment, deposit will be credited toward final price of tattoo.  Deposit will be lost if appointment is over 15 minutes late or not held.


Q: Can I have the drawing when I leave ?

A: No, the design is the intellectual property of the artist who created it.


Q: What if I don't like the design the artist came up with ?

A:  Be vocal and say so, politely point out the things you would like changed and make sure you are 100% sure before proceeding.


Q: How do I make an appointment ?

A1: Text or Call 732.867.8285 [Elle] 

A2: Visit 227 South Main Street, Milltown NJ

A3: Message inbox via

A4: Click Contact tab = Include your name, desired date & time for appointment, a brief description of tattoo desired & best method of return contact.